Zvex TB-2 Tea Ball Microphone

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ZVEX Effects proudly announces the release of the TB-2 handmade microphone, designed for special effects through a guitar amplifier and guitar accessories. What makes the TB-2 different from other microphones? Most professional microphones are designed to connect to a mixing console, so they have balanced outputs terminating in an XLR connector. Their outputs are very low level as well as being low-impedance, which makes them incompatible with guitar gear in three ways, with the additional problem of having terrifying feedback problems when placed in front of a raging guitar amplifier.

The TB-2 has the following features that define its specialty nature:

1. Its output is high-impedance like a guitar.

2. Its output connector is 1/4" and is designed to connect directly to effects or an amp.

3. It features extremely high rejection of signals located more than 1 inch away, so it literally cannot hear your amplifier if it's more than a few feet away from it, so it doesn't feed back on stage!

4. It's hand made from an actual tea ball, with a removable magnetic pop screen and filter, with a hand-bent copper hoop and springs that make it look like something from the 20s.

5. IT HAS A WAH-WAH BUILT IN! This lets you set a filtered tone for telephone effects or honking tones to exaggerate instruments like harmonica, or you can actively wah your own voice!

6. The TB-2 is limited to a run of less than 100 pieces, and if you miss out on this one, you'll have to wait until 2019 for our next microphone offering!


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