Used Yamaha TA-20 (1968) Combo

Pre-owned Yamaha TA-20 amp from 1968! A rare vintage solid state amp from Yamaha. With around 20 watts of power this amp is great for a small gig, rehearsal or home.  It has a very unique and futuristic design with a slanted cabinet.  The reverb tank has a modified switching system to be able to adjust a internal/external reverb tank via on/off switch.  There are 2 added RCA jacks for an external reverb tank. 

Make: Yamaha

Model: TA-20

Year: 1968

Serial: 7504

Condition: Fair.  The tolex has some signs of wear and age.  The grill has tears and a couple larger rips towards in it.  There seems to be a drop of yellow paint on the grill as well.  Comes with original power cable without a ground. Original internal and extra external reverb tank is included.

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