Used VVT Raptor Head

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Pre-owned VVT Raptor 50 watt EL34 head in very good condition. Tolex is in very good shape with only minor scuff, markings and general wear marks. Comes with a fitted soft shell case.

The Raptor is 50 watts of killer tone. This is a unique all tube circuit design stuffed into a small package.

The clean channel provides harmonically rich clean tones that are great for vintage rock or blues.

The Solo channel cranks out some phat sophisticated overdrive distortion for today’s blues or rock. Turn it up a little more for some smooth output tube distortion. The custom hand wound Mercury Magnetics output transformer provides lots of tight bottom and other tonal magic.

Like vintage amps, VVT Amps are made the old fashioned way. The circuit board is hand-made using 1/8” phenolic and eyelets. The amp is hand wired with Teflon insulted wire and has quality name brand components loaded on a heavy steel chassis. The low noise resistors and capacitors are individually selected to provide the best tone: Mallory 150s, Sprague Orange Drops, and in some cases, New Old Stock (NOS). JJ Multi-section or Sprague Atom caps are used for filtering and bypass. The amp is loaded with the respected JJ ECC83S/12AX7 preamp tubes and Mullard EL34s. 

INPUT Jack: Guitar/Instrument input.

VOLUME Control: Controls the loudness of the guitar or instruments plugged into the INPUT Jack. 

MASTER VOLUME Control: Controls the signal level to the power amplifier. 

TONE Controls: Treble, Middle, Bass, Sizzle/Presence. 

POWER INDICATOR: Neon bulb: Illuminates when the amp is on.