Used VFE Ice Scream Mid Boosting Overdrive

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Pre-owned VFE Ice Scream Mid Boosting Overdrive pedal. In like new condition, with the original box included. There are 2 strips of velcro on the bottom of the pedal.

The ICE SCREAM overdrive pedals are designed to push higher gain amps into meltdown. It all starts with a mid boost stage before the gain circuit. Tune the voicing of the mid boost with the MID knob, and then use the variable low and high cuts to further sculpt your tone to cut through the mix.


DIMENSIONS: Enclosure dimensions: 2.37"W x 4.37"L x 1.16"H  (60 x 111 x 29mm)

With knobs & jacks: 2.6"W x 4.4"L x 2.1"H  (66 x 111 x 53mm)

POWER: Standard 2.1mm, negative-tip 9V to 15V power supply or 9V battery.

INPUT IMPEDANCE:100K to 1M-ohm via internal trimpot

CURRENT DRAW:~25ma continous +30ma surge for 4ms during on/off switching