Used Toad Works John Bull Jr OD

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Pre-owned Toadworks John Bull Jr.  In excellent condition, velcro on the bottom for attaching to pedal board. No box included.  Power supply will be included.

ToadWorks John Bull Jr is an overdrive effect pedal that emulates the classic overdrive that put Great Britain on the rock & roll map. From the 60's to the 00's, England has produced some of the finest amplifiers on the planet. John Bull Jr brings that sound home at a price you can afford. Just like it's big brother, John Bull Jr is on it's way to becoming a modern classic. 

ToadWorks John Bull Jr is an op-amp based overdrive effect, featuring a unique combination of symetric and asymetric gain circuits. Increasing the Gain control actually changes the character of the overdrive, not just the amount of it. The switch turns the effect on and off, the Gain knob controls the amount of overdrive present in the signal, and the Level knob controls the overall signal level. 

John Bull Jr features a true-bypass circuit, so your bypassed tone stays as clear as an un-mudded lake, as clear as an azure sky in deepest summer - when it comes to tone preservation, you can rely on us! Each pedal is carefully manufactured by hand, using only the finest components.

Dimensions: (h)4.6" x (w)3.6" x (d)2.5"

Power Requirements: 9 Volt DC

Recommended AC Adaptor: Boss part # PSA-120T

Power Connector: 2.1mm barrel connector

PolarityTip: Negative (-)

Audio Signal Connector: 1/4" phone plug

Battery Powered: Yes