Used Shoe Pedals Robert

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Pre-owned Shoe Pedals Robert. Comes with box. Very good condition.

Robert is inspired by the legendary smooth fuzz lead tones created by a certain progressive guitarist with the same name. It is not, however, a clone of any of his pedals. Rather, like any Shoe pedals that are named “after” something, it is an impressionistic take on a type of sound.

With just two knobs, you can dial in a range of classic fuzz and drive sounds. Robert loves to be played on neck pickup leads, but also is quite comfortable on a bridge pickup either for lead lines, riffs, or warm and chewy chords. With this compact and user-friendly pedal you can move between fusion, classic prog, classic rock, jazz, garage rock, proto-metal, psychedelic, alt rock, shoegaze, and more with ease.

The pedal is voiced to closely mimic the warmer and darker sounds of Germanium fuzz but uses modern components and smart design to achieve this without the hassle of odd power supplies, batteries, and temperamental temperature sensitivity inherent in older Germanium fuzz pedals. The result is greater consistency and inviting warmth that rewards expressive playing and dynamics.


Volume (Left): Sets the output level of the pedal

Gain (Right): Controls the intensity of the fuzz/drive effect. For a darker and smoother sound, turn counter-clockwise. For a more aggressive sound turn clockwise.

Bypass (Footswitch): True Bypass switch which removes the overdrive from your signal chain entirely when the LED indicator turns off.

​POWER: Please note that SHOE pedals do not run on batteries. You will need a standard 2.1 mm center negative 9V power supply (as used on most pedals) in order to run them. Power consumption is extremely low for all SHOE pedals (less than 5mA and for some pedals even below 1mA) so virtually any pedal power supply of the correct polarity can run more than one SHOE pedal on a daisy chain.

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