Used Richelieu Spectre (1982)

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Pre-Owned Richelieu Spectre (1982) This is one of only 75 guitars ever made by Richelieu. It has a rosewood fretboard that was recently refretted. Condition is fair. Neck is perfectly straight, setup and plays beautifully. Finish has lots of wear with dings especially around the edges, but nothing that affects the playability.  Original tuners have been replaced but are included. Bridge has a slight tilt to it.

RICHELIEU Instruments previously built in Bridgeport, CT between 1982 and 1984.
The Richelieu company was founded by a pair of musicians to produce good quality guitars in their regional Connecticut area. Between 1982 and 1984, Richelieu produced customized neck-through-body Spectre guitars, and customers could specify various pickups and finishes. It has been confirmed that the company produced seventy-five guitars and a few bass models. A second model, the Black Rock, had name badges but the model itself was never produced. Unfortunately, the company ran out of funds before the model design really took off. Serial numbers are impressed into the back of the headstock. Source: David J. Pavlick, Woodbury, CT."
RICHELIEU ELECTRIC The Spectre guitar features a neck-through design and a Honduran mahogany body shaped roughly like a cross between an SG (dual pointy cutaways) and a Strat (rounded lower bout). Spectres feature a Gibson-style three-per-side headstock, chrome hardware, Leo Quan wraparound tailpiece, white pickguard, two humbucker pickups, volume and tone controls, a three-way toggle for pickup selection, and a coil tap mini-switch. Due to production problems with grain-matching the wood, most Spectre models had solid finishes (such as Blue/Gray, White, Purple, and various sparkle finishes) as opposed to a Natural wood finish. Earlier models have a screened Richelieu logo on a black peghead, block print Spectre badge, one large toggle/one mini-toggle switch, Grover tuning pegs, and DiMarzio pickups. Later models have a headstock decal that reads "Richelieu USA," an arrowhead-shaped Spectre truss rod cover, one large toggle/two mini-toggle switches, and Schaller tuners. The top cutaway was also opened up for easier playing access. 



Original tuners included

Strap locks included

Neck Pickup: Pearly Gates SHPG1N

Bridge Pickup: Duncan SH14

Switches split

Electronics: Volume, Tone, Three-way pickup selector, Two mini switches to split pickups

No case