Used Peavey ValveKing 1x12

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Pre-owned Peavey ValveKing 1x12 combo.  In very good condition, the tolex has some minor scuffs on the front lower right side and on the bottom. No footswitch or cover included.  Amp is in excellent working condition and sounds fantastic.  


At the heart of the all-tube Peavey ValveKing 112 is a patent-pending, Class A/B Texture control that allows variable selection and combinations of Class A and Class AB power structures. The Texture knob lets you coax a wide range of tones out of this amplifier. It features 12AX7 preamp and 6L6GC power amp tubes; a specially voiced 12" ValveKing speaker; 2 footswitchable channels with independent 3-band EQ and volume; footswitchable boost on the lead channel; global reverb control; a buffered effects loop; and external speaker jack.




50W all-tube power
Texture variable Class A/B simulation control
2 footswitchable channels
EQ and volume for each channel
Footswitchable gain/volume boost on lead channel
12" ValveKing speaker
Reverb with level control
Buffered effects loop
External speaker jack
2 - 6L6GC power amp tubes
3 - 12AX7 preamp tubes
4, 8, or 16 ohms