Used Nocturne Billy Brain

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PRE-OWNED NOCTURNE 'BILLY BRAIN  Very good condition, a few scratches in the paint form normal playing. Velcro on back.

Use a master volume amp, and ride the gain? Love to play dirty? Love your crunchy amp sound but wish you could hear more of your hands through the mix? ...You might need the Nocturne 'Billy Brain™

How is this different than the Dynobrain, you ask? Well its gain level takes over where the Atomic Brain leaves off.. More punch, more bite. an RE-301 vintage preamp on steroids. I've incorporated the "Stange" stage of this pedal, it just takes over when the gain knob is beyond 2 oclock on the dial.
When Stang mode comes into play most fender and vox style amps will quickly go into a crunchy twang with this preamp. Its definitely a texas psychobilly freakout. I think this pedal really works wonders for master volume amp and if you like your tele or hollowbody guitar with grease, this Billy Brain will take your tube amp there. Even my Strat goes into SRV territory through my blonde and blackface amps, no overdrive box needed.

This is 100% a preamplifier in a pedal, not an overdrive but will take your tube guitar amp into clipping territory while never losing one bit of your guitars original tone and dynamics, but rather enhancing your finger tone.

A bit about the circuit in this lovely preampI've replicated a much improved Vintage Japanese 70's preamp from the RE-301 Tape Delay machine known as the Space Echo.  A Full sonic spectrum, preamplifier that is hand wired & loaded with hi-fidelity audio components; 22 gauge bonded copper strand wiring,, vishay metal film resistors in the audio path, socketed Opamp, Metal Film cap, Quality Sprague, Panasonic Electrolytics, etc w/ all flying leads to Alpha pots and switchcraft jacks w/ hardwire true bypass.