Used MXR Distortion Plus Late 70's Model

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In the late '70s, the script logo on the classic MXR Distortion + changed to the thick, modern block logo. Though the script models are typically more highly sought, the MXR Distortion + with block logo gives you the same mild, crunchy distortion made famous by the likes of Randy Rhoads, Thom Yorke and Jerry Garcia. One op-amp and a pair of germanium diodes give the MXR Distortion + a simple but effective configuration that you can control using the Output and Distortion knobs.

Brand: MXR

Model: Distortion + 

Year: 1979/80 (pots are dated 1979)

Condition: Fair, paint and corners show sings of wear. The internal foam has been mostly removed as it deteriorated over time. 

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