Used MXR CSP104 Distortion Plus Script Reissue

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Pre-owned MXR Distortion Plus Script Reissue.  In like new condition, original box and paperwork included.



  • Uses vintage switchcraft input nad output jacks, CTS potentiometers, and a Calring footswitch, all hand-wired to a cintage replicated PCB
  • Overdrive with just hte right amount of non-brittle signal breakup
  • Germanium-powered clipping emulates classic tube amp crunch
  • Crank the distortion for clipping that simulates extreme overdrive


  • The MXR Script Distortion + can only be powered by a 9-volt battery, accessed by removing the bottom plate of the pedal.


  • Footswitch toggles effect on/off
  • Output knob sets total output gain
  • Distortion knob adjusts the amount of clipping


Input Impedance: 1M

Output Impedance: 15k

Signal to Noise Ratio: 70dBV

Gain Range: 46 dB

Bypass: Hardwire

Current Draw: 400UA

Power Supply: DC 9V

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