Used Moog Low Pass Filter 101

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Pre-owned Moog Low Pass Filter 101. Comes with power adapter and manual. Very good condition. Velcro on back.



  • The MF-101 Lowpass Filter is a direct descendant of Moog modular synthesizers designed to work with any sound source.  This all analog instrument is perfect for thickening synths, funkifying bass guitars, distorting drum samples and smoothing out harsh sounds.  

    Designed by Bob Moog, the MF-101 is comprised of two complete modular functions: A classic Moog Ladder filter section for sculpting and refining your own unique tone, and an envelope follower that allows the filter to be dynamically “played” via the dynamics of each sound. The harder you play, the more the sound is affected. To further expand on this classic modularity, the MF-101 contains multiple CV/Expression Pedal inputs and outputs. This allows each parameter to be manipulated and controlled simultaneously, while also providing modular interconnectivity between other Moogerfooger analog effects.

    Adjust audio input gain with three-color level indicator
  • MIX
    Crossfade continuously from unfiltered to filtered audio
    15Hz-12KHz Low Pass with resonance
  • 2 POLE / 4 POLE
    Select between 12dB/Octave (bright) and 24dB/Octave (deep) filter slopes
    Determines how much the envelope follower modulates the filter cutoff with envelope strength indicator
    Select between smooth and fast envelope follower response
    On/Bypass switch with two-color indicator


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