Used Marshall Class 5 Head

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Pre-owned Marshall Class 5 head. In excellent condition. 

Class 5 offers a basic view of guitar amplification with a simple set of volume controls and three band EQ. Featuring 5 watts of EL84 power, the amplifier head version of Marshall's Class 5 utilizes Class A circuitry with minimal frills to provide a tone that is pure and filled with second harmonic distortion. The analog construction of the Class 5 guitar amplifier promises pristine cleans and loads of crunch for any genre. 

Marshall Class 5 Guitar Amplifier Head Features

  • 5 Watt of All-Valve Design with Class A Circuitry
  • Powered by 2 x ECC83 Preamp and 1 x EL84 Power Tubes
  • Compact Design for Playing out or Staying in
  • Selectable headphone or Extension Speaker Output

Rear Panel 
The rear panel offers both headphone and 16/8 Ohm extension cab output, perfect for either fully cranked silent practice or driving a mighty 4x12 inch speaker cab! 

Manufactured at Marshall HQ in the heart of the UK, every Class 5 combo has been built by some of the most experienced hands in the business. Specially selected components, solid construction, and precision craftsmanship affords the Class 5 the durability and reliability you would expect of a Marshall product.