Used Koch Twintone 1x12 Combo

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Pre-owned Koch Twintone 1x12 Combo amp.  A killer amp that you don't see too many of, but they certainly deserve a second look.  This amp has some tolex wear on the corners, around the edges in some spots, and on the faceplate but works like a "champ" (no pun intended).  Overall, in good condition and comes with the original footswitch.  

With its multitude of features, the Koch Twintone is the perfect amp for almost any playing situation. There are two channels, clean and overdrive, with their independent volume and three band eq controls and the overdrive channel has additional gain and presence controls. The amp also has a spring reverb that is shared between the channels and a volume cut that can be switched on and off for a rhythm volume. There are also headphone and recording outputs with cabinet emulation for quieter and more controlled levels without compromising tone. Tonally, this amp can cover everything from jazz to hard rock, as the clean channel offers a pristine clean and the overdrive channel produces a thick, smooth distortion with plenty of tonal versatility.


- Serial Number H0842

- 50w power

- 2 EL34 power tubes

- 4 12AX7 preamp tubes

- auto power soak

- buffered effects loop

- footswitch for channel and rhythm volume included

-  Accutronics classic reverb

- 1 Koch VG12-90 12" speaker