Used Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor

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Pre-owned Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor with power supply included. In good working condition. The pedal has been covered in duct tape which we were able to remove some or most of it but it does have residue or remaining tape still on it in some parts. Only runs on a power supply, no battery option. No box included.

This is the go-to pedal for superior dynamic control, glossy overtones and all-tube overdrive. Phenomenally easy to tweak, Tube Factor juices up your every sound. It grants you greater tonal control over every note you play, adds lots of presence and punch, and can even spare you costly amp modifications. We have added a unique Voicing knob. This hip feature lets you shape tonal characteristics to dial in the trademark sound of your favorite amp.

Hughes and Kettner’s Tube Factor is an overdrive/distortion pedal that features two gain modes, providing additional user versatility with a softer-clipping mode called “Factor 1”, as well as a harder-style distortion dubbed “Factor 2”. The Tube Factor uses a single 12AX7 (a.k.a. ECC-83) preamp tube for Factor 1 voicing. Factor 2 incorporates a diode circuit to add additional gain. Before anyone cries out, “What? It’s not a ‘pure-tube’ signal!”, let me add a couple of points in Hughes and Kettner’s defense. First, the whole beauty of tubes and tube distortion in particular is the sense of dynamics that they induce. Tubes respond to a player’s touch; as you play harder, the tube’s distortion compresses and seems to “bend” naturally. Adding additional gain circuits on top of an initial preamp tube stage, whether it is tube or not, will certainly virtually eliminate this characteristic, and result in the “modern high-preamp gain” sound, popularized by amplifiers such as Mesa/Boogies Rectifier series. In fact, truth be told, it is really the power tubes in an amplifier that have the highest range of dynamics and feel. This is one of the primary reasons that the original Marshall Super Leads amplifiers are so highly regarded. But back to the diode issue, it should also be known that one of Marshall’s most famous and tone-full amplifiers, the Silver Jubilee 2555 100 watt head, also uses diodes for added clipping distortion. So ultimately, it is the sound that should concern the potential Tube Factor user because that is really what counts. The Tube Factor’s Factor 1 setting contains plenty of dynamics with rich harmonic overtones. Factor 2 simply takes over where Factor 1 leaves off with plenty of smooth distortion and sustain.

The Tube Factor has a simple array of knob controls including one for drive, one for overall output level, and then a very interesting control called, “Voicing”. Turning the Voicing control to a fully clockwise position produces a sound reminiscent of a modern “scooped” gain sound, where various midrange frequencies are reduced from the signal. As you turn the Voicing control counter-clockwise, bluesier, punchier sounds come back into the mix with added presence. An additional feature of the Tube Factor beyond the basic ¼” input and output jacks is a remote jack that can be used to switch the Tube Factor’s two factor modes on or off remotely via a MIDI switcher. The Tube Factor also uses two separate on/off footswitches on the face of the unit. The footswitch to the far left is an On/Off Switch, while the one to the right, the Factor 1/2 Switch, is used for switching between the two available gain factors. An on/off LED as well as Factor LEDs are also on the unit. The Factor LED will illuminate to red when Factor 2 is selected.

An included 12-volt AC adapter powers the Tube Factor. Batteries are not an option and they would be eaten up rather quickly anyhow with the Tube Factor’s current consumption of 480mA!

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