Used Cmatmods Tremoglo

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Pre-owned Cmatmods Tremoglo tremelo/boost pedal.  This is a killer tremelo. This glows in the dark. This is also a boost.  It can do so much, yet sounds lush and musical.  The lettering has started to fade off in a few places, but still works perfectly.  The bottom shows some signs of wear from the removing of velcro. No box or power supply included.

The tremoglo is a tremolo effect pedal, why the name tremoglo because it glows in the dark. This is a great vintage sounding tremolo that is all analog and reminds you of the tremolo you will find in vintage amps without the annoying on/off sound.

The tremolgo is very warm sounding pedal that works well with humbuckers, p90s and single coil guitars. It has controls for depth, speed and level. There is also a 3 way toggle switch. In the up and down position it turns the flashing LED on and off. The LED will flash in time with the speed of the effect. When the switch is in the center position it allows the effect to be used as a clean boost or a preamp. When the switch is in the center position the speed and depth controls do not function.

This is a great sounding tremolo that I believe anyone that likes vintage sound tremolo will like.