Used Amplified Nation Dirty Wonderland 100 Watt Head

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Pre-owned Amplified Nation Dirty Wonderland Head 100 Watt. In excellent condition. Low hours on the tubes, and includes power cable. No footswitchable parts. No half power switch, just the full 100 watts of pure power!  Date of manufacture is end of 2015/beginning of 2016 according to Amplified Nations records.

The Dirty Wonderland is a one channel 100 watt power house. Amplified Nation decided to push the limits of that amp a bit with some additional features, two "Dirty" switches: Dirty preamp and Dirty power amp. These switches give the amp fantastic attitude, and add just a little bit of hair on the notes when engaged.

This incredible amp has an open, airy sound that is uncompressed, while staying tight and bold.  It’s incredibly lush three-tube reverb was carefully tuned for a huge effect that is never overpowering. The Dirty Wonderland also makes a great pedal platform.


The Wonderland has been our most popular amplifier. This single channel design was inspired from a limited edition amplifier built in 2008. We had the pleasure of spending 4 weeks with that amp, and reverse engineered the circuit and created our own version.

The Wonderland has big, sparkly clean tones, similar to a Blackface Super Reverb with a more midrange. The amp stays mostly clean, but will break up at higher levels of gain or the master volume. It has three EQ boosts (bright, mid, and deep) allowing the player to quickly select frequency boosts for different guitars or different overall sounds. When pushed with the mid boost on, you can get a sweet blues crunch with higher output pickups, and even some controlled feedback while remaining “clean”.

The Wonderland has a big, open, airy sound that is uncompressed, while staying tight and bold. It’s incredibly lush three-tube reverb makes the beautiful clean tones even better. The reverb is dialed in with two controls on the front panel, ‘send’ and ‘return’ – which act as reverb depth and level adjustments. Because of its abundance of clean headroom, the Wonderland makes a great pedal platform.

The Dirty Wonderland adds two “Dirty” switches on the back, that when engaged, give the amp more attitude and earlier breakup. We have also added a “preamp boost” toggle located on the front of the amp.