Used TC Electronics Ditto + Looper

Sale price$140.00


Pre-owned TC Electronics Ditto + Looper. Comes with box, and has no velcro attached. Light wear from normal use, in very good condition overall.

Next Generation 60-Minute Multi-session Looper Pedal

The original DITTO LOOPER carved out a unique space in the world of guitar pedals. 
By distilling the very essence of looping into a tiny, high quality stompbox with an extremely intuitive interface it continues to define the way we perceive guitar loopers to this day.
DITTO+ takes all of the functionality that you know and love from the original DITTO and expands it with a little extra. 
With the ability to store and recall up to 99 loop sessions, easy track importing/exporting and the all-new Extended Loop Mode feature, DITTO+ offers the discerning guitar player a little more of everything.

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