Used Step Audio Pilot Wave MIDI Effect Sequencer

Sale price$125.00


Used Step Audio Pilot Wave, in very good condition, with original box.

To use Pilot Wave, you need a computer with internet connection, Google Chrome, and USB-MIDI Device (included).

Parameters on audio effect pedals normally don't change until you manually adjust them. Some pedals allow expression controllers to "sweep" knobs up and down.

Pilot Wave takes MIDI-enabled pedals to the next level by accessing every available parameter on hundreds of pedals, then dynamically modifying those parameters in sequences of up to 16 steps. You cycle through sequences using one of Pilot Wave's 10 Modes of Operation.

Pilot Wave is even powerful enough to be the Master MIDI Controller for your rig!

One cable is all it takes to empower your MIDI-enabled pedals. No mods, no hassle.

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