Used Silvertone 1331 1x8 Combo (1950's)

Pre-owned 1950's Silvertone 1331. 8 inch speaker. Was recently repaired and cleaned up from our in house amp tech. New 3 prong power cable, 3 new resistors, and fully cleaned and checked out. It is in great shape considering the age and is from one owner! Tolex and enclosure have tears and dirt, as you would expect! A great little amp and looks amazing, and sounds just as good. Serial 18805. 

Tech work completed: Replace 3 resistors (Type: carbon comp, 1/2 watt, 1.5k, 390k, 560k), replace power cord with 3 prong grounded type, clean jacks, sockets, and controls. 

Make: Silvertone

Model: 1331

Year: 1950's

Tubes:  1 6SJ7, 1 SV6, 1 6S5

Speaker: 8 Inch 

Condition: Vintage/Good