Used Rushamps Pepbox 2.0

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Pre-owned Rushamps Pepbox 2.0, in mint condition, with unbranded cardboard box

Since my father Pepe Rush built the original Rush Pepbox in 1965  a lot has a lot has happened in the guitar effects pedal scene over the years with pedalboards becoming a popular part of it. I wanted to make the Rush Pepbox with its unique sound compatible with the modern day, so I have built the Rush Pepbox 2.0 

  • Wedge-shaped welded steel enclosure in a silver Hammerite finish – a little smaller than the original Rush Pepbox to fit into tighter spaces
  • White on black engraved labelling.
  • Runs off of a power supply jack. (9 volts center negative) but also runs off a 9volt battery like the original
  • Front mounted input, output and power jacks.
  • The PEP and LEVEL controls are moved to the face of the enclosure for ease of visibility.
  • Same germanium circuit with the same original Rush Pepbox sound
  • With a warm white LED that shows when FUZZ IS ON. True bypass when it is off.

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