Used MXR Zakk Wylde Berzerker Overdrive

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Excellent condition pre-owned MXR Zakk Wylde Berzerker Overdrive, no box or power supply included.

Step up and stomp down on your MXR ZW44 Zakk Wylde Berzerker overdrive pedal for some in-your-face Wylde-like distortion. This face-melting distortion pedal infuses your sound with just the right amount of sonic force and breakup, forging a well-defined sound that makes riffs muscular and emphasizes those pinched harmonics.

This stompbox features simple and no-nonsense output, tone, and gain controls; seamless footswitch activation; a bright LED light indicator; and a small and compact design that won't crowd your pedalboard. A cool cream-colored top gives off a intriguing aged look, and Zakk Wylde's signature reminds you that you're playing through a pedal with the endorsement of one of rock's most uncompromising lead guitarists.

Three Simple Controls to Craft your Tone

This pedal is all about straightforward no-nonsense distortion, and Wylde chose to keep things nice and simple with just three control knobs to shape your distortion. The output control dials in your overdrive output level, your tone knob gives you overall EQ control, and your gain control brings in the level of distortion. Each knob allots for plenty of sonic movement in all three dimensions to help you craft the exact degree of destruction that you're looking for.

Durable and Tasteful Outer Casing

Housing the inner circuitry of your Zakk Wylde Berzerker OD pedal is a secure and rugged outer chassis readily awaiting your stomp to rock. This chassis will hold up well gig after gig, keeping your roaring signal sheltered from dirt, dust, or sweat. A cool creamy color gives this beast a tasteful semi-worn look that shows that awesome sounds and awesome looks pair well. Zakk's signature sits right on top to remind you that all facets of this awesome overdrive pedal have been approved by the metal master of mayhem himself.

Compact and Always Ready to Rock

For the amount of punch this pedal packs, its size is surprisingly small. At less than five inches wide and five and a half inches long, the Berzerker won't take up much space in your pedalboard or performance area. A bright, easily visible LED indicator light tells you when your signal is being fueled with distortion. Power comes to this baby via a 9-volt battery or a separately sold Dunlop ECB-003 AC adapter.


- Footswitch distortion pedal
- Output, tone, and gain controls
- Red LED indicator lights up when pedal is engaged
- One 1/4" input
- One 1/4" output
- Powered via 9-volt battery or Dunlop ECB-003 AC adapter -- sold separately
- Weighs less than one pound

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