Used Ibanez Tone-Lok DE-7 Stereo Delay

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Pre-owned Ibanez Tone-Lok DE-7 Stereo Delay, in very good condition. The bottom has two strips of dual lock attached. No box included.

Unleash the sonic potential of your guitar with the Ibanez Tone-Lok DE7 Stereo Delay/Echo pedal. This versatile gadget from the respected Tone-Lok Series is engineered to deliver a variety of delay and echo tones, from the warm, vintage tape sounds to the crisp, modern, high-tech reflections. Its extended delay time of up to 2.6 seconds allows for dramatically extended echo trails, giving you the flexibility to experiment with your sound. The DE7's innovative Push-Lok pots ensure that your settings remain intact, safe from accidental bumps or nudges.

Key Features:

  • Part of the esteemed Ibanez Tone-Lok Series
  • Offers a wide range of delay and echo tones
  • Delay time of 30ms to 2.6 seconds for extended echo trails
  • Push-Lok pots for secure setting preservation
  • Ideal for both vintage and modern sound styles

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