Used Fender Jaguar Sunburst (1966)

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Pre-owned Fender Jaguar from 1966 in a beautiful sunburst finish. In good condition. The finish shows all the normal wear you would expect from a guitar of this age, but nothing major. Normal light dings, dents and checking in the right spots. Light wear around the sides from playing sitting down and a lifetime of playing.  Some light wear through the darker part of the burst from arm wear. The frets are very low, but original. This is the first year to have the binding on the fretboard as well, which looks great! The foam piece on the bridge has worn down to the point where it no longer mutes the strings but is still attached. All the electronics are original, but the tone pot on the lead circuit isn't functioning properly every time.


The Fender Jaguar was introduced as a high-end model guitar four years after the Jazzmaster. Though similar to the Jazzmaster in its offset body and lead/rhythm circuits controls, the Jaguar differed in two key ways. For one, the Jaguar used a shorter 24-inch scale length compared to the 25 1/2-inch of most Fender guitars. Additionally, the Jaguar used two thinner single-coil pickups compared to the feedback-prone soapbox pickups of the Jazzmaster. The Jaguar was not as popular as the Telecaster or Strat in its initial run, but has found some popularity with punk, grunge and indie rockers since. 


Finish Details: Original
Body Material: Alder Body
Neck Material: Maple Neck
Fingerboard Material: Brazilian Rosewood
Neck Profile: "C" profile
Neck Thickness (IN): .87" (1st fret), .925" (12th fret)
Fingerboard Radius: 7.25"
Nut Width: 1-5/8"
Scale Length: 24"
Neck Details: Bolt-on maple neck with bound Brazilian rosewood fretboard, block inlays. The neck heel has a "15 OCT 66B" date stamp.
Electronics: Wiring harness and single coil pickups are original to the instrument. Controls include on/off slider switches for each pickup, bass-cut switch, master volume/tone controls, rhythm circuit on/off slider switch, and rhythm circuit volume/tone rollers.  The pot codes date to 1966. Pot code 304 6617
Hardware: The trem arm is included.
Weight: 8.2 lbs
Modifications/Repairs: None.
Case Details: Non original hardshell case
Cosmetic Condition: The guitar has aged nicely; the finish has faded to a semi-gloss with light checking and numerous small dings/scratches.The front of the body has finish wear at the bass bout, and the sides/edges of the body have additional wear. There is a noticeable amount of finish wear along the bottom edge of the body, and light buckle rash on the back. The back of the neck has worn to a smooth and comfortable satin, and the headstock has light checking as well. 
Serial Number: 183503
Notes: The guitar plays well with low action and is currently set up with 10s. The frets are narrow and moderately low with some light wear in the first position. The neck stamp, pot codes, and serial number date the guitar to 1966.

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