Used Fender Bassman 50-Watt Head - Silverface Drip Edge & "Blackline" (1967)

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Pre-owned Fender Bassman head from 1967, silverface. Our in house technician went through the entire amp, inspected and repaired the unit (listed below). Generally, this amp is in very good condition for its age! Internally it is in great shape as well. The tolex shows a few light marks, the hardware has some tarnishing, grille cloth and logo look very clean. The silverface plate has a few marks on it and some light tarnishing. Tube chart is still intact internally. Drip edge and "Blackline" both on this unit. Circuit is AB165. Filter caps are replaced and sprague type.

Make: Fender

Model: Bassman Head 

Year: 1967 (Silverface)

Serial: A37170


2x 6L6 Sylvania USA (50 Watts), 1x Telefunken 12AT7 , 3x RCA 7205

Condition: Our tech repaired the bias filter cap solder, deep switch solder, cleaned jacks/controls, cleaned tube sockets, biased & full test. Replaced 2 resistors. Mentioned any previous repairs that may have been done were done very well as it looks clean. Has some new caps and some original that look good. FIlter caps look on the newer side and sprague type. Newer 3 prong power cable. Drip edge grille and blackline features on this one!

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