Used Cooper FX Arcades Cartridge-Based Multi Effect (w/ Pastiche Card)

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Cooper FX Arcades Cartridge-Based Multi Effect, very good condition, no box. Comes with a Pastiche card. 

Arcades from Cooper FX is a multi-algorithm pedal platform whose selection of effects are loaded from cartridges, making it a great choice for a variety of scenarios.  Each cartridge comes with eight powerful effects algorithms.

Arcades has four main controls whose functionality changes based on the algorithm loaded. In addition to the controls, a program-dependent footswitch is available, which can be used for tap tempo with certain time-based effects. The OLED screen in the center of Arcades displays the currently active program, knob positions, and knob functions. In addition to the knob controls, Arcades can be controlled by external expression pedals or MIDI.

The LOFI cartridge algorithms include VHS, Vinyl, Crusher, Delay, Reverb, RngMod, BitVrb, and Synth. Pitch algorithms include Dual, EnvGld, Arppeg, ArpFrz, Organ, Grains, Glass, and Crystl. Arcades is a fantastically versatile pedal with a wide variety of effects to choose from that sound great and add extra character to your sound.


  • Multi-effects pedal
  • Cartridge-based effects programs
  • Experimental Package includes LOFI and Pitch cartridges
  • Four algorithm dependent controls
  • OLED screen displays algorithm and knob functions
  • Each cartridge features eight effects
  • MIDI and expression pedal inputs
  • Tap/aux footswitch
  • Bypass

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