Used Chase Tone Purple Stardust Octave Fuzz

Sale price$115.00


Pre-owned Chase Tone Purple Stardust Octave Fuzz, in excellent condition, with original box.

Special circuit tuning allows improved Hi-Octave note tracking across the fret board via Neck Pickup with a pronounced Hi-Octave effect that cuts in a band mix with musical authority. (You do not need to play just the 7th or 10th frets or higher for Hi-Octave. You can play full bar chords anywhere.)

The Hi-Octave Knob setting fluidly and seamlessly blends from 1967/1968’s thinner sharper cleaner yet warmer germanium Fire and Purple Haze like Hi-Octave (NPN/PNP silicon transistors w/matched germanium diodes) to 1969/1970’s increased overdrive, even-order harmonic saturation and more authoritative EQ punch of the Band of Gypsies era that’s never ear piercing. Always retaining a sweet top and haunting mid-range.

Hi-Octave Knob at 11 o’clock is the Goldilocks setting hybrid capturing 1967 to 1970!

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