Used Chase Bliss Audio Reverse Mode C

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Pre-owned Chase Bliss Audio Reverse Mode C, in very good condition. Has the original box, paperwork and velcro attached to the bottom.

Reverse Mode C is a fantastical mix of motion and space. It’s an echo composed of multiple distinct voices that move in different directions - forward, backward, and up - that you can blend, isolate, and sequence, all glued together by some very colorful modulation.

It was made in collaboration with Empress Effects, and is a celebration of a very special mode found on their Superdelay, released in 2008.

The Empress Superdelay was released in 2008.

It was a sandbox of echoes and loops and textures and it was fun. It felt like something new – a pedal that wasn’t just about achieving an effect, but about exploring sound and spontaneity.

It was a huge inspiration for our approach.

So for our 10th anniversary, we decided to team up with Empress and make a tribute to its most exciting mode.

It’s vibrant, and refreshing, and very super.

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