Used Carl's Custom 5F1 Tweed Octal Princeton Combo

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Pre-owned Carl's Custom 5F1 Octal Princeton Narrow Panel Tweed Weber 1x10 Combo. In excellent condition. Shows little to no signs of use.


The Octal Princeton is my modified version of the early Tweed Princeton. It has some important tweaks of my own and is one of my signature models. It can run either a 6V6 for 5 watts or a 6L6GC, 5881, 6L6WGB, EL-34, KT77, or 6CA7 for 10 watts!! Cool!!! Ships with 6LGC and 6V6. 

It features an octal 6SL7 pre-amp tube that gives it a wide frequency response, chimey cleans and great overdrive.  It is a bit brighter and more detailed sounding than many tweed amps and works well with single coils, P90 and humbucker loaded guitars. The Octal Princeton is a very dynamic amp and responds beautifully to your touch.  I developed this amp specifically for my own use and it’s my favorite small tweed amp!

Each one is carefully and meticulously built and tested. 


  • 5/10 Watts All Tube Power

  • Meticulously Hand wired

  • Improved grounding system minimizes hum

  • DC elevated heaters for low noise

  • ON/OFF Switch

  • Volume and Tone Controls

  • Hi and Low inputs

  • Combos are made of Solid Finger Joined Pine with Lacquered Tweed

  • 8 ohm Speaker out