Used Blackhawk Amps Svarog MKII V3 Fuzz

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Pre-owned Blackhawk Amps, in excellent condition. No box included.

The SVAROG MKII V3 is a hybrid germanium/silicon fuzz based on the insanely rare and expensive 1968-71 marshall supafuzz (MKII tonebender) using those sexy Mallory, Sprague and MOD caps as well as carbon film resistors that look as good as they sound.

The SVAROG uses a combination of germanium NPN transistors (depending on availability) and 2N2222 silicon transistors which are low enough gain for the circuit. These are commonly used in modern uni-fuzz clones.

I've added the impedance correction transformer and a new JFET boosted tone stack based on my versions of the π FUZZ with an incredibly wide range tone and crucial midrange knob.

Incredibly tube amp like fuzz. Some value changes have been made to thicken it up even more and smooth the top end (including a low pass filter tone control) but this thing has elements of tonebender, uni-fuzz and π FUZZ for a genuinely unique sound that cleans up brilliantly and yet EASILY slays the stoner doom territory.


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