Used Blackhawk Amps Balrog V3 Distortion

Sale price$140.00


Pre-owned Blackhawk Amps Balrog V3, in excellent condition. 

The BALROG DISTORTION brings you the molten high gain fire of MOUNT DOOM through a trio of TL072 opamps.

The concept of the design was to create a high gain preamp, distortion and overdrive in one.

The new V3 version brings more available treble and the ability to scoop the mids ( PLENTIFUL mids still on tap) for more modern brutal death/black/hardcore tones.
That “throaty” sound so many of us crave.

Capable of sheer brutality into even the cleanest amp it can also deliver excellent mid gain overdrive tones as well. From huge overdrive boost to saturated gain it works perfectly for both tube and solid state amps.

(((Note: The V1 and V2 are the same circuit, the V2 is a printed circuit board where as the V1 was acid etched. Both are discontinued.)))

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