Pedal Label Pack

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What's the advantage of Pedal Labels? Our Pedal Labels use a low-tack adhesive - so they stick, but can be removed much easier than conventional tape. Our Pedal Labels are printed on vinyl, so they are water proof AND are much more resistant to tearing than paper labels and masking tape. These labels are even reusable. Pull it off and apply it again on another pedal, etc.

With our pedal labels we provide a variety of styles – from knob groups, single knobs, dual knobs and various marking (color circles and pointer triangles). Knob settings line can be drawn freehand but use a straightedge for maximum pro look. For multi setting knobs, different color inks is a great solution!

Each Pedal Label Pack will include 4 sheets of labels. Each label sheet will include the following:

3x 3 knob group
3x 4 knob group
11x single knob label
3x single knob / dual setting label
9x color dots for toggle switches, sliders, etc
5x triangle pointer labels for toggle, knobs, sliders, etc

Each sheet has 34 stickers to peel. With 4 sheets - that's 136 labels!

  • 3 Knob Group - these are ideal for pedals that have 3 knobs - similar to Boss pedals, etc.
  • 4 Knob Group - these are ideal for pedals that have 4 knobs - similar to Boss pedals, etc.
  • Single Knob Label - Can be used for any situation where a knob is used. Could be paired or stacked on other labels!
  • Single Knob / Dual Settings - These are great with knobs that are stacked or paired. For example Boss CE-5 has a 'filter' knob with dual pots stacked.
  • Color Dots Labels - great to identify toggle switch placement (up / down / middle) or to use to mark placement on sliders (ie: EQ pecals)
  • Triangle Pointer Labels - Similar to Color Dots, but as a triangle and only white. Great to point on knob placement or slider position.


Remember - Anything that 'sticks' can pull. Please do NOT add these to valuable pedals or pedals that might have loose ink/paint. Hand painted pedals, pedals with ink applied over powdercoat and have not been properly treated or baked may pull ink/paint. You can also make the labels less sticky by first sticking the labels on a shirt before applying to pedals. Please stick at your own risk.

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