Old Blood Noise Endeavors Rever Limited Edition

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A collaboration between Old Blood Noise Endeavors and Datachoir, the Rêver provides reverb, delay, and reverse effects that combine into a unique blend of trailing, bizarre ambience. The delay and reverb sections offer typical controls: the delay offers variable level, time, and feedback while the reverb provides wet/dry mix, decay time, and a control for otherworldly modulation. The reverse section provides an option for latching or momentary operation and wet/dry blend; moreover, the reverse can be placed at the beginning of the signal chain or at the end, providing access to everything from layered, drifting ambience to glitchy washes and beyond. Rêver is far more than the typical delay or reverb: it is a textural space machine unlike anything else available.


  • Peculiar combination of delay, reverse, and modulated reverb effects
  • Delay offers control over delay time, feedback, and volume
  • Reverse section with latching or momentary operation and wet/dry blend
  • Reverb provides controls for mix, modulation, and tail length
  • Order switch changes position of Reverse section from first to last for flexible processing configuration
  • Expression input for Reverse mix level