Frost Giant Electronics The Mountain V2

The Mountain is a highly tuned Distortion that we all know and love, it features your standard Volume, Gain and Freq (tone)knobs, but also has a 3 Stage gain selection and an OD/Distortion switch to be used with either an already over saturated amp or clean amp. The circuit has been tuned for a tighter attack, more gain, but still retains the amp like feel we all love.

The Mountain (V2) is a highly tuned OD/Dist/Fuzz circuit built for Sustain and Heaviness. The right toggle switches between Distortion and OD mode for when you’re using a clean amp or a distorted amp. The left toggle cycles through the clipping modes. 1st is a soft but still gainy, middle is heavier and the last is a huge and massive.

Handmade in Texas.