Frost Giant Electronics Four Horsemen Massif Martel Music Custom

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Custom Martel Music Four Horsemen Massif is a 1 Knob Savage Fuzz Device. It has one purpose, to level everything in its path.

This is our take on the Colorsound 1 Knob Fuzz, there are many like them, but none like the Massif. Designed after lusting for the Slomatics/Conan/Bongripper tone this pedal is very mid focused with a distortion like Fuzz quality, very smooth and articulate but with punishing lows and an aggressive tone.

Though being one knob it has a bunch of tones just in that knob depending on where it’s set, so don’t think it just has one sound to it.

Upgraded NOS BC109 Germanium chip with Nichion and Kemet film caps.


Volume – Beats you in the face kinda tone


Handmade in Texas.