Dophix The Vitruvian Man Chorus Phaser

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Dophix THE VITRUVIAN MAN chorus/phaser

"Each pedal is unique and entirely handmade in our Florence Factory.
We personally take care of every stage of production and testing, in order to guarantee the highest quality."
The most famous representation of the ideal proportions of Human body . The man of Vitruvio demonstrates how the body can be harmoniously inscribed in the two figures “Perfect” Circle , representing heaven and divine perfection, and of the Squared , which symbolizes theEarth. This is the Dophix effect that concludes and completes the Da Vinci sound experience. The Chorus-Phaser sound from the project has been combined with the famous Leonardo’s design for the roundness and perfection of sounds, which make it unique in its kind.

Chorus with 2 Controls: Right “Speed”; Left “Depth”. 

Chorus with a typical ambient modulation defined by an original analog modulation. 

Through the use of a delay chain adds a phase shift to the signal without loosing the input harmonics related to the signal. 

The two “Speed” and “Depth” controls let you select the modulation speed and the amount of modulation added to the input signal.

Vintage component research with: integrated circuit and transistors of the series belonging to the production of the ‘70s stock. 

Manual circuit design made with attention on the treatment of the signal audio paths. Mechanical robustness, guaranteed by board-mounted components.


TRUE BYPASS switch and high quality components is one of the specific choices made for the standard of our pedals. 

The high-brightness LEDs ensure the visibility of the ignition status even under conditions of direct reflection on the pedal. 

Input/output Jack from 6.3 mm 1/4 “placed sideways to the pedal.

Input impedance 1 Mohm, output 300 ohm. 

Current with LED on 19ma, standby 500 UA.


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