Crush Drums Sublime E3 Drum Shells Lime Sparkle Fade

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Crush Sublime E3 Maple 4 Piece Shell Pack with 22" x18" Bass Drum, 12"x8" tom, 16"x14" floor tom, 14"x6" snare drum in Lime Sparkle Fade.  Cymbals and stands are not included.


The Sublime E3 evolved from Crush's previously acclaimed Sublime Maple and Sublime Maple Tour Series. With the features of both kits being so popular, Crush has opted to take the best features from each line to make the ultimate maple drumset. Boasting 4 configurations, 7 finishes and a complete line of add on drums, the Sublime E3 gives you the ability to build your own dream kit. This series delivers the full and warm tones of much sought after vintage drums with the advantages of modern shell hardware design. Bearing edges and shell construction were carefully chosen for each individual drum. All shells are hand selected 100% North American Maple, which is known for its extremely warm tone. The toms have reinforcement rings for maximum shell strength and integrity allowing the drums to resonate consistently.Each component has separate specifications. Toms have double 45º bearing edges for better head to shell contact. This creates a full tone and makes tuning easy at varying tensions. Bass drums have double 45 degree bearing edges on the batter side for maximum punch and fully rounded edges for enhanced low end and warmth. Snare drums feature single sharp 45º edges to enhance attack and volume. These sharp precision edges also allow the snare side to be extremely sensitive.The Sublime E3 Series from Crush is designed and built with the highest standards and will impress even the most selective drummers.Featuring: Sublime Mini Bridge Lugs, XSuspension Mounts, Mating Memory Locks, 2 Position Bass Drum Spurs, and Crush Hoops Saver Drum Claws, and Removable Inserts in the tom brackets (allowing use of multiple sized tom arms). This kit has the class, functionality, and quality to stand toe to toe with higher priced custom drums in the market.


  • 100% North American Maple Shells
  • Snares: 10 Ply Shells with Single 45 Degree Bearing Edges
  • Toms: 6 Ply Shells with Reinforcement Rings and Double 45 Degree Bearing Edges w/ Rounded Outer Edge
  • Bass Drums: 8 Ply Shells, Double 45 Degree Edge on Batter Side, Fully Rounded Edge on Resonant Side
  • Crush XSuspension Mounts
  • 2.3mm Tom Hoops
  • 2.3mm Reverse Flange Snare Drum Hoops
  • Crush Hoop Saver Bass Drum Claws
  • Maple Reinforcement Rings in Toms
  • Crush Mini Bridge Lugs
  • Chrome Plated Hardware