Used Bogner Duende 1x12 Combo

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Pre-owned Bogner Duende 1x12 Combo.  In very good condition. Includes original footswitch. Tolex show little to no wear. Loaded with 6L6 and 5Y3 for 30 watts of power!

An Andalusian term for a "special grace" in music. Duende can not be learned or achieved by any means; it's a gift from birth. Either you have it... or you don't.

The DUENDE, a tonal treasure, a giant leap forward in the quest for a versatile lower wattage channel switching, Reverb and Tremolo "grab and go" amp. Comfortable in either the living room or blazing at a sweaty juke-joint jam. A Musical Sherpa that can artfully carry one from vintage clean tones or sweetly organic edge of breakup grind to chunky British higher gain. Honeysuckle sweet to burnin' Moonshine you decide how to set the two channels or COMBINE both channels so the Gain, Volume and EQ controls become interactive and an incredible range of radical gain and EQ options are available such as: Shimmering American vintage cleans, greasy tweedy thick mids and grind, forward shifted juicy midrange like vintage lapsteel/harp amps, British higher gain hotrod tones with focused lows. The DUENDE has a beautiful dynamic tube Sag and Compression that feels great to play and is really connected to your picking hands attack.Other features include a tube buffered Effects Loop and Compensated Recording Output. Both single coil or humbucker pickups will have a tone feast through the DUENDE as it breathes effortlessly....

Duende Features:

• Two channel all tube design

• Channels can be combined or used separately via footswitch

• Ch. a : Gain with pull Bright, Treble, Bass and Volume

• Ch. b : Gain, Volume with pull Gain function

• Common master EQ Air post treble and Body post bass

• Tube Reverb with independent level controls for each channel

• Tube-buffered series FX-Loop

• Tremolo with Speed and Depth controls

• 24W 6V6 Class AB power amp

• 5AR4 tube rectifier

• 3 position Standby switch for 12 or 24 watt operation (9 or 18 with 5Y3)

• Line Out with high cut filter

• Functions on footswitch: channel select, channel combine and tremolo

• 1x12 open back Combo with a G12H30 Celestion speaker 


1x12 combo: 20.75” H 20.75” W 10.50” D 45lbs




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