Bogner 2x12 Open Small Cabinet

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The 212OS is more traditional in size and sound, it has the same construction and dimensions as the Duende, Shiva and Metropolis 2x12 combos. Available as an open back only with a top handle and heavy duty rubber feet (no casters). For lower powered amplifiers like our Duende or Metropolis we recommend using a Celestion G12H30 in combination with a Greenback 25.

  • 2x12 traditional size
  • Baltic Birch
  • Open back
  • Top handle
  • Celestion 2xV30 > 120w > 8 Ω
  • DIMENSIONS and WEIGHTS: Are subject to change anytime, Please measure your amp carefully if a Custom Case is being made. Add ¾ inch for each, handle and rubber feet.
  • 19.75” height
  • 27.25" width
  • 10.37" depth
  • 52 pounds