Bad Cat Siamese Drive Pedal

Sale price$199.00


When is $2,300 x 2 equal to $199? Here...

 If you have ever had the pleasure of stacking two Klon Centaur’s on to your pedal board, you know what an amazing sound that is. You know that the possibilities and tonal variations are a thing to behold. Set one side for an amazing clean boost to push the front end of your tube amp into juicy harmonic overdrive. Set the second one for sweet smooth distortion. Engage one or the other or both at the same time. 

Reverse them, use the second for a boost. Cascade them into each other with a rich chewy overdrive. Set your amp clean, now you go from clean, to mild, to heavy overdrive with one pedal. The possibilities are too numerous to list here! 

All of this is a lot of fun as a player and an experience you could enjoy if you had $4000 to invest in two pedals. However, now you can have the same experience for $199!!! Why did we do this?... Because we can. Enjoy.

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