Bad Cat Black Cat 30R 1x12 Combo

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  • 30 Watt Class A  (4 x EL84)
  • Cathode biased
  • Foot-switchable 12AX7 & EF86 channels
  • Dedicated K Master® control for each channel
  • Dedicated reverb control for each channel 
  • 4, 8, 16 ohm impedance selector
  • Spring reverb
  • Effects loop

The Black Cat 30R combines our legendary 12AX7 and EF86 top boost preamps with a classic British power section featuring four EL84 power tubes running in class A.  The 12AX7 channel goes from chimey 3D cleans to the perfect edge of breakup. The EF86 channel picks up where the 12AX7 leaves off with its complex low mids and increased harmonics capable of producing moderate to thick gain without any sacrifice in clarity. The EF86 channel can also be switched between the traditional bass and treble tone stack and the five-way tone selector which bypasses the tone stack with a selection of five tone caps for the purist at heart. Independent K Master and reverb controls  allow each channel to be set at any desirable gain and output level and the global cut control adjusts upper treble frequencies to accommodate for dark instruments or rooms.

K Master®  Patent Pending: 
The K Master® circuit is a completely original approach to power amp management which simultaneously controls current, voltage, gain, harmonic clipping and signal amplitude at intricate variables at the turn of one knob. This groundbreaking analog circuitry can achieve any amount of gain at any desirable volume while keeping tone and touch response 100% intact. The K Master also allows the power tube section to achieve something never before possible. When turned beyond 2 o'clock on the dial it begins to push the power section into harmonic saturation independent of the where the preamp gain is set. Combine this function with the pre-amp set sparkling clean to achieve big clean tones that ooze with rich power tube harmonics.

We discovered a unique way to make our spring reverb sit perfectly in the mix without ever overpowering the instrument or stealing tone from the preamp. This approach produces studio grade reverb right through your loudspeaker.

Power: 30 Watts
Channels: 2

Power Tubes: 2 x EL34
Pre-Amp Channel 1: 12AX7
Pre-Amp Channel 2: EF86
Tone Stack Buffers: 12AX7
Reverb Send: 12AX7
Reverb Return: 12AX7
Phase Inverter: 12AX7 


Proprietary Bad Cat UK Celestion Speaker (8 ohms)

External Construction:
Chassis: Welded Aircraft Aluminum  
Head Shell: Finger-Joined Italian Poplar   
Combo: Finger-Joined 11 Ply Baltic Birch 
Heavy Duty Leather Handle  
Powder Coated Steel Corners

Weights and Dimensions:
112 Combo:   53 lbs, 24" W x 10.5" D x 18.5" H

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