Used Composite Acoustics LE-7

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Pre-owned Composite Acoustics Dreadnought 7LE. This guitar is prior to Peavey taking over the CA production, and dates out to be a 2008. The set up is set up to factory specs and the neck is perfectly straight. The guitar has loud, prominent sound.   The guitar is in good shape, but shows some signs of wear.  The top has indentations along the top edge of the guitar where the top and side meet.  The back shows belt rash, finish chips along the edge as well. The neck has two indentations, and the edge of the headstock has a chip.  Hardshell case is included. 

Composite Acoustics has created a revolution in guitar design: driven by innovation, we have replaced traditional materials with carbon fiber — a man-made composite that is stronger, lighter and more consistent. Carbon fiber has been utilized in every application imaginable where strength and lightness are required. From aerospace to automotive, from racing yachts to formula-one cars to racing bikes — carbon fiber is the material of choice. We just took the next logical step: make musical instruments out of it.

Composite materials allow us to break with tradition in more than one way. Molding a one-piece body enables us to shape the form of an acoustic guitar to the contours of the player's body. Our guitars are lighter, stronger and more comfortable as a result. Our soundboards are extremely responsive, making for a very clear and powerful guitar. Each guitar is hand-crafted, yet employs computer guidance to control precise tolerances from design to assembly.

Our necks are so strong and stiff that they never need adjusting, no matter what. You can play without buzzing — anytime, anywhere. They are also smooth and lightning fast as a result of our precision set-up.

Series 7:
Bracing: Performance Tuned bracing
Tuners: Gotoh 381
Finish: Gloss finish with Carbon Burst
Inlay: Aluminum Side Dots, top dots 12 fret
Electronics: Fishman Ellipse VT
Scale length: 25 1/2
Nut width: 1 3/4
Frets: stainless medium                                                                                          Case: Hard shell case 
Year: 2008